Antique Vintage 1956 Schwinn Tiger 3-speed Bicycle

This '56 Schwinn Tiger three-speed midweight bicycle is in great condition. Pinstriping and paint on the fenders and frame are in great shape and have very few chips. Tires are westwing brick tires and appear to be original. Back tire shows wear, front one is in a little better than good condition. Bike rides straight and shifts as it should. It does have Schwinn approved original bowtie pedals, but they are not the correct pedals for the bike's year.

I would call it a 9 except the rims have tarnish and pitting, front and rear. T is also brake burn on the rear. Crank and sprocket are in great shape.

I chose to put a repop seat on it. Although it's a repop, it is the correct style for the year. The handlegrips are repops as are the Schwinn decals and the Tiger decal. The original decals weren't super bad, but since I had these I put them on top of the originals and you could probably remove them without too much trouble.

The front fender has one small ding on the left side. Rear is excellent. It appears the fenders may be off of a different Schwinn because the color fade is not quite the same as the frame. The frame looks like it has a little more metallic in the paint than the fenders - but it is still a stunning bike.

All in all, this is an eye-popping, beautiful green with cream bike, as you
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