Antique Vintage Accordion~WURLITZER~Story Of Age, CASE

I am selling an Antique ~WURLITZER~ Accordian for a good friend.

She is 89 years young. This was her moms who died in 1978 at 85 years young. You can do the Math!!!

On the bottom t is a # 15338 and also says: MADE IN AMERICA, US PATENT NO 9340(I did have a hard time reading that # so I may be off) OTHER PATENTS PENDING.

The Case shows age but still holds Accordian securely. Reads: Made by Geith(I think that is a G) & Schaefer Case Co. Chicago.

I did try(smile) to play it and it has nice sound and I pushed some keys and different tunes played, to me sounded nice coming from something so old. But I am selling as is... to protect myself.

I know nothing about musical instruments whether old or new, so I took many pictures for you to view. If you do have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

I will be listing an Antique Violin and Jewelry of hers also. She is in need of money so I am trying to help her out, the complete amount will go to her.


*I am now listing most of my items for 5 days so you can receive your purchase sooner. So put your bid in now and keep watching, it will end sooner than you think.

I value my 100% feedback so please contact me first with any issues and I will do all I can to correct
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