Antique Vintage Baltic honey Amber Beads Necklace 100% genuine amber 81.38 gramm

I want to sell Vintage Latvia Baltic Honey Beads.
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Product information

Product total weight - 81.38 grams

Size pieces - 10 x 17 mm

Beads Full length from end to end � 50 cm or 500 mm


Delivery of the Worldwide and to USA 3.59$

Very old Antique Baltic honey amber Beads necklace. (Not Plastic)�

In very good condition all amber stones. (See Photo)

All stones have a rounded shape buns. (See Photo)

Was specially selected different varieties of amber, in order to give importance and visibility of beads.�

In the present stone beads of different colors from dark brown to Red brown.

You can wear as everyday and in the event approaches beads to almost any style

Handmade, all the stones polished and beautifully played by the sun.


Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

I also offer a full refund money for the goods and sending from my side to you., provided that the goods will not be broken or damaged, than either. �

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