Antique Vintage Bear Paw Quilt Feedsack Handquilted 30s

This Bear Paw Quilt is so beautiful!

The binding is a striped fabric placed on the bias, which more than triples the strength of the edge increasing its longevity.

The fabrics are feedsack and Edwardian period.

The cotton quilt fabrics are strong with no visible tears.

The blocks look to me to be handstitched or pieced with handsewing.

It should be recleaned because t are stains or spots mostly on the pieced feedsack backing. Some of what looks like stains is actually the print from the old feedsacks! T is a little bit of fading but not so serious!

This cleansing can be done well with Orvus Quilt Soap which works wonders and is gentle for use with vintage textiles.

The handstitched quilting pattern is sweeping with fine stitches in a rainbow design.

This quilt is heavy and durable, and is probably lined with a wool batting because of the weight.

I haven't opened it so I can't be 100% sure!

It has been stored in a closet in a bag and has no musty or foul odors!

The center of the bear paw patchwork squares consists of a diamond in a square.

This is a quilt worth collecting!

The quality and workmanship are exquisite.

Please look at the photos closely. I have supplied 12 of them and still can't do this quilt justice.
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