Antique Vintage Bedroom Furniture 1920-1930s era

Up for auction is a 1920-1930's antique/vintage bedroom set including poster bed, vanity with original glass mirror, and chest of drawers. MATTRESS AND COMFORTER ARE NOT INCLUDED! We included them in the picture to allow you to see how good the bed looks set up. We bought this set in 2001 and had it professionally refinished. The owner of the company that refinished the furniture believes that the furniture was built in North Carolina somew between the years of 1920-1930. As he was refinishing the furniture, he noticed that portions of it were solid wood and portions of it were made of real wood veneers, which he stated as being very fashionable in that era. For those of you who may not be antique/vintage savvy, the owner of the refinishing company talked to us about how the real wood veneer of that day was totally different from the veneer/laminate we think of from today. This is not laminate furniture; it is solid wood with real wood veneer in parts. It has a cherry finish. The furniture is composed of yellow poplar, bird's eye maple, and either walnut or mahogany (Sorry, I'm not a wood expert). The dimensions are as follows:
Chest of drawers- 56" high, 17" deep, 31" wide Vanity- 67" high, 18" deep, 44"wide Bed- Full size
As you can tell from the photos of the bed, with the age of the furniture, over the years a small
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