Antique Vintage BLUEBIRD 10 pc china dishes BLUE BIRD


This is a mixed lot of 10 Bluebird dishes consisting of:

· 3 âe" 9 ½âe dinner plates with 2 blue rings and nice decals; no chips or hairline cracks, but plenty of crazing and discoloration; 2 are marked Mount Clemens Montel 520 on the bottom.

· 3 âe" 6âe saucers in condition similar to the dinner plates, except one has a ½âe hairline, and one a pinhead size ding in the rim (looks like a firing flaw); each bluebird pose is different, and 2 are marked Mount Clemens Montel 520 on bottom.

· 3 âe" 5âe sauce dishes with one blue ring; t are no chips, but all have hairline cracks, crazing, and discoloration. No markings.

· 1 - 4 ¾âe across x 2 ¾âe deep bowl. 2 blue rings, no chips. 2 hairlines, and overall discoloration. No markings.

These are really sturdy pottery pieces, not china. (I think china is a generic term we have come to use for dinnerware that is breakable). All are old, crazed, and discolored. Iâe(tm)ve found them in this quaint, shabby condition and t over the years - and bought them because this Bluebird (of happiness) pattern is just irresistible. These dishes have obviously been used, loved, and treasured, and they still have the charming vintage quality that goes so well with the faded, distressed, aged, and antiqued look - that so many
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