Antique VINTAGE Chamberlin Remington? Expert Trap Skeet Clay Bird Thrower 1800?

Old antique heavy cast iron trap/skeet clay bird throwing machine. The base reads The Expert 4 Patent March 1, 1882 The Chamberlin Cartridge & Target Company Clevend O" . It is rusted and will need to be cleaned and oiled and some TLC, but I think it could get back to it's original condition. I do not know much about them. If you have any questions, please contact me. Great looking old item. There are a few parts that I got to move, it is the end piece where you put the clay bird in and I was able to pull the bottom handle and wiggle the base part a little, so it is not fully rusted stuck. Still has the original pull wire on it. I will get shipping rates for both UPS and USPS. The item is heavy, weighs almost 23 lbs. Measures 36" long and stands almost 16" tall. Thank you.