This gorgeous cape was made from an antique hand embroidered green andpurple Chinese silk skirt. The two front panels of the cape areactually the two major front and back panels of a Chinese skirt. They feature five claw imperial dragons sewn in gold embroidery using the couching technique, and have diagonal waves below them that are executed in tight, even stitches. The back of the cape incorporates dozens of pleats and additional dragon and phoenix embroideries. The purple trim is covered with delicate small embroidered or woven flowers, making this the ultimate classic green and purple 1920s fashion statement. Imagine stepping out on the town in this on New Year's Eve, or flaunting it at a cocktail party, an art show opening, a museum gala, ballet, or a trip to the opera. The cape appears to be in quite usable condition, and has no loose threads, but we want to highlight some flaws in this otherwise magnificent piece. First, it has some color runs, w the purple has colored the green silk near the shoulders, making it look a little mottled in design. This would be hard to see unless the cape were worn in broad daylight or a room flooded with light. Secondly, it has a one inch horizontal band of green that is lighter than the rest of the silk, that very possibly may have been intentional. It also has some color changes, perhaps ... read more