Antique Vintage New England Handmade Cloth Rag Doll Folk Art ~ Fabulous

Early 1900's Handmade Cloth Doll

This Rare and early handmade Folk Art doll was made around 1908. This doll was made by the great-grandmother of the lady I purchased it from. She had made one for each of the children for Christmas in 1908. the boys got boy dolls and the girls were made girl dolls. This is a boy and quite RARE to find in this Wonderful condition. He is completely hand-made and very firmly stuffed and in excellent condition. There are red socks and black shoes. The shirt is striped, over-alls are red and sweater is red with two buttons and one pocket. There is a little cap/hat to match. The size of the doll is 9 1/2" tall and the hand-painted and stitched features to the face are excellent. An exceptional piece of early Americana and Folk Art from a time past.

Thanks for looking.