Antique Vintage Feick Clock Case ca. 1930's Refit w/ Quartz Movement NR

An antique Art Deco style oak and mahogany clock case fitted with a battery powered time only quartz movement that is
currently in good working order. The off white painted dial ring has raised brass Arabic numerals and is in good
condition. There is a name plaque just above the center, "Feick". The fancy brass outer bezel has a great looking
design; it is in good condition and closes tightly. The fancy hands are brass and are newer. There are 3 winding holes
that were used with the original movement (not included). The large clock case has oak veneer on the top and sides and
a glossy finish mahogany on the front surface. There are some scratches, mars, dents, and small chips to the case. On
the left rear, there is a section approximate 4" long x 1" wide where the veneer is slightly raised, but it is secure. The case has some paint flecks.
A great looking clock to just enjoy as it is now or if you restore older clocks and have an original mechanical
movement and gong you could easily replace the quartz with the original parts. The overall clock measurements are
8-1/2" high X 21-3/4" wide X 6-3/4" deep. The distance from center to center, outer winding arbor hole to outer winding
arbor hole is 3-5/16". The distance from the outer winding arbor hole to the hand shaft is 1-11/16". Outer winding
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