Antique vintage french embroidered double sheet - unused

This is an unused antique or vintage french double sheet.

Breton women stored as many sheets or as much sheet fabric as they could in their cupboards, and many were never used!

This sheet is made from a fine quality medium weight natural cotton. It is a lovely cream colour with the flecks and slubs of this kind of cotton.

The sheet measures 220cm wide x 290cm long. It is a top sheet with a lovely embroidered feature across the top.

I would say this sheet dates from the 1960s. It is hard to find these embroidered sheets now.

The sheet is 'new' ie unused. It has three original labels, one with the dimensions, one which says "garanti grand teint" (ie fadeproof) and one which says "La Fleur de la Qualité - Haute Résistance - drap de Luxe".

In rare good condition - there are a very few storage marks which can be seen in the photo (not rust marks) which, in my experience, will wash out.

This sheet has never been washed. It is advisable to soak it in tepid water (not warm or hot) with some hand wash detergent for 12 hours to remove the size. Then repeated washings will soften it even more.

This is a lovely cream colour.

There is no way around the postage I am afraid - this fabric is really heavy! And it weighs JUST over one kilo - so comes into the higher postage
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