Antique Vintage German Pocket Watch Fob Turquoise OLD







I have had this piece for several years now. I bought it at an antique shop's annual outside summer sale. I bought it just because of it's uniqueness. I did not know what it actually was until a few weeks ago when I was trying to find an item similar to another item I had to list. That is when I discovered that it is actually a watch fob. I had put it on a chain and had wore it as a pendant once or twice. You can laugh if you want to but, I received compliments on it and it made a nice conversation piece.

I believe the metal is 14K ( 14 karat )gold and am almost positive that the stone is turquoise but, I have no way to test either. The only mark that I can find is a tiny oval plate on the back that reads "MADE IN GERMANY". With all the intricate filigree and embossed detail that this piece has, it would hard for me to believe it is made of anything but silver or gold. I have never attempted to clean the fob and it has a lot of gorgeous patina. The patina is so complimentary to the turquoise stone that it only enhances the appearance of the fob.

The fob measures 2-1/4" long. The widest point at the bottom is a little over 3/4". The widest point on the top piece is approximately 3/4" as well. The large turquoise
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