is a small lot of great antique vintage jewelry items, some are wear, some need repair, all are interesting and excellent! The pot metal glass rhinestone bracelet is very nice, this is intact, and has all the glass stones,a real find! T is a pot metal crescent moon pin, with glass stone,intact..The very old bar pin,this looks to be a real antique,or nearly so, has raised festoon decorations, and robin egg blue glass stones, it is intact, only the needle is not perfectly straight, and the c catch is a little too curved, needle won't quite go in,very fixable... T is such a beautiful brooch , or once was, this is speckled with multicolor stones, ornate decorations, pearly beads, and t is a place for a large stone, now missing.. It is an old, well made piece, Brass, looks like, missing the large stone, a couple of small ones, clasp intact... Also, an old ring , just Brass, looks to once have had small stones at the sides, has an old glass stone, slightly imperfect round shape, could be restored.. A good lot of old jewelry to work with,restore and sell, wear and collect! If you have a question, please ask! Thank you!