Antique Vintage KENNEDY Model 32 Console Tube Radio

Kennedy floor model 32 console tube radio with the owners manual. I received this radio from a friend who was clearing out her uncle's house. I was told that there is a trick to turning these on after years of sitting so I did not attempt it. I have not tested, tried, or checked on it at all other than to look it over and to make sure the knobs worked. The pictures show most of the condition but feel free to ask about anything. There is a water discoloration ( a misplaced beverage) on the top. Pick up is in the south Chicago suburbs (Lansing, IL). I will be glad to answer any questions by ebay, text, phone call, most anytime other than mornings (teaching summer school). I may be able to deliver for free or a fee depending on the distance. ANY ?'s . If you decide to call leave a voice mail and I will call back.