Antique/Vintage Lot of 17 Miniature Bottles

This is a lot of 17 miniature bottles that were just dug last week in Texas. These bottles are all free of cracks or chips and have all been cleaned. T is a assortment of different types. I will give a brief description of each bottle as they are seen in the first photo:
1.Clear cork top bottle - 2 3/4in. tall- Has a embossed design on the base with a K in the center and a 5 beneath it.
2. Clear screw top bottle - 3 1/2in. tall - Has embossed eagle design & underneath the eagle it says TRADE MARK on the front & on one side embossed GEBHARDT EAGLE & on the other side CHILI POWDER & embossed on the base is DESIGN PATT.
3. Cobalt Blue Screw top bottle - 3in. tall - Embossed on the base is VICKS VA-TRO-NOL with the vicks triangle design in the center.
4. Clear screw top bottle - 3in. tall - Found still w/lid - Medicine bottle - Embossed on the front is 1/2oz. & the measurement markings & the numbers down the side.
5. Amber screw top bottle - 2 1/2in. tall - medicine bottle w/numbers embossed on the base.
6. Clear screw top bottle - 3in. tall - Medicine bottle w/embossed measurements on the front & numbers down the side & at the top 3 1/2 & on the base it has embossed K 4 J.
7. Cobalt blue screw top- 1 1/2in. tall - Looks like a vapor rub of some type- On the base embossed
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