Antique / Vintage Pages Inhalers MEDICATED CIGS ~ RARE!

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We have a large inventory of antique/vintage medicine and medical items. Collecting these pieces has become a hot trend as these items are becoming harder and harder to come by--check out our stock now before it's gone forever!

T are some dangerous ingredients listed on this one, and I must remind everyone that this item is not being sold for consumption, but rather as a collector's item, meant to sit on a shelf and be admired! I AM SELLING A HISTORICAL ARTIFACT, NOT SOMETHING TO BE USED!

The item you are looking at is a pack of Page's Inhalers Medicated Cigarettes. Not one of the inhalers are missing, and the box itself is in great condition. It does have some writing on one side with a charcoal pencil. Honestly, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!

's the description on the box: For the Temporary Relief of the Paroxysms of Asthma and to Aid in the Relief of the Discomforts due to Excessive Secretions in the Nasal Passage Associated with Hay Fever and Simple Nasal Irritations.

are the directions: To relieve the distress of Bronchial
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