Antique vintage post office boxes stacked (45)

is a stacked of 45 Vintage postal mail boxes. They are either bronze or brass, i think they are bronze because of the coloring. The numbers are gold and red. I tried cleaning the glass and i cleaned one of the numbers off. So I got the cob webs out and i will leave the rest of the cleaning to you.

they are 45" tall 18 1/2" wide and 10" depht.. T are 35 doors for the 45 hole. 2 doors the window s are cracked, one is missing the window all together. SOme on the top are dented in a little . and the is some green tarnish on some. I don't think it will take much to get this in great condition.

I can take off the doors and just send them to the winning bidder through the post office, or if you want the whole unit , it will be shipped ups. I am guessing the shipping on the whole thing will be between 40-60 dollars. I will only charge exact shipping on this.