Antique / Vintage Sports "Boundary-Field Line Marker

Antique / Vintage Field Line Marker

I acquired it about 4 years ago. For over two years of trying to find out what it was used for...

I had some dealers / experts tell me it was a popcorn maker...Huh...that's improbable, since I don't think you'll find someone willing to unscrew the bolt on the cylinder clamp...HOT! I got that answer more than once...and most of the rest were shrugs and grunts.

I found the answer via this web.

It's used to mark the field lines at sporting events in the 20"s thru the 40" the best of my knowledge...If Im incorrect, please inform me.

A person would pour some chalk, ground up stone / sand / lime / etc...extend the handle and secure with nut & bolt...then push or pull the cylinder along the ground for the boundary line.

Selling as is!

Not making a profit on shipping.

Thanks for looking!