Antique Vintage Underwood Universal Manual Typewriter Glass Keys

This Antique/Vintage Underwood Universal Manual Typewriter is in good used condition. The body of the typewriter is black in color. The paper feed knobs are black in color. The typewriter has 46 glass keys. The keys are also in good used condition. The keys are black in color with cream letters/numbers. The shift lock key and back spacer key are green in color with cream color letters. There is a silver metal ring around each key. All of the keys work well. The bell does not ring. Space bar works. The paper feed turns well. The return lever works. The ribbon may type a little light. These should be easily replaced. Types 10 letters per inch. The typewriter shows some wear. There are a couple of surface scratches on the top. There is some areas of discoloration on top. There are some smudge marks on the top, sides and back. The typewriter needs to be cleaned up. The typewriter is missing one "foot" on the bottom. These should be easily replaced (the typewriter sets sturdy without it). The front of the typewriter is marked: UNDERWOOD. The carriage is marked: Universal. The back of the typewriter is marked: Underwood, A Product of Underwood Elliott Fisher Co., Protected by United States and Foreign Patents, Made in USA.
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