Antique Vintage Victorian Bohemian Cut Garnet Necklace Gilt Brass Edwardian

Welcome! Up for auction is a stunning Antique/Vintage Garnet Necklace. This necklace belonged to my grandmother (1882-1966). She was born in July, and the July birthstone is Ruby, but my grandfather could never afford that, so he always bought her Garnets.
She was married in 1906, and received a number of garnet birthday presents. (Please see the 2 pins/brooches and bracelet on auction at this time). After her children came along starting in 1911, the presents became more practical.
These pieces passed from my grandmother to my mother, to me. Over the years they have been worn occasionally, so they are in very good condition. All stones are original.
This necklace is 15" long. There are 26 small clusters, 13 on each side, making up the side parts. There are 5 larger clusters, with drops off of them in graduated sizes.
The back closure has a squeeze and release clasp. At the closure is a small ring where there might have been a chain or guard. I can't figure it out as nothing appears to be missing.
Feel free to email any questions. Thanks for looking, and have fun bidding!