Antique WAJIMA Urushi lacquer Bowl SHRIMP UKIBORI 9962

Antique WAJIMA Urushi lacquer Bowl SHRIMP UKIBORI 9962
This is a gorgeous Brown Wajima-nuri Urushi lacquer covered Bowl with a Shrimp done by Ukibori. It is an extravagant Bowl as it has both Makie and Ukibori work done on it. Ukibori literally means 'Floating Sculpture' and is often seen in Urushi work from the Edo Era.
Wajima-nuri is known to be the very best Urushi lacquer in Japan due to their stunning ornamental designs and their durability, making them very valuable. Wajima-nuri uses a unique technique of mixing a powdered mineral called Jinoko with the lacquer which increases their durability. They are also famous for their ornamental designs which gives their Urushi works a refined appearance and have a history of developing the embellishing technique of Chinkin.
It is in a very good used condition; there are a few small cracks in the urushi.
Urushi lacquer comes from the sap of the Urushi Tree which is tapped by slashing the bark of the tree. Only around 250 milliliters of sap can be collected from a tree per year making it a very limited material. The sap is then refined and several coats are applied, dried and polished. The urushi takes several weeks to harden and this process is repeated several times so it takes over several months for one item to be completed. Therefore a lot of time and skill
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