Antique Watercolor Early 1900s Wilson Latimer Miniature Pastoral 4.5x7 Framed

Vintage Miniature Painting 2" x 4" Watercolor Signed Wilson Latimer 4.5" x 7" x 1" Frame Pastoral Scene with Woodcutter, Cart , Horses, Trees, Flowers
We took this little painting out of the frame to find the signature and see if it was a reproduction. It is done on watercolor paper and appears to be an original. We found the signature of Wilson Latimer but the only thing we find about him online is that he was a painter of the early 1900s. We think he was British as we found a copy of one of his paintings from the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, an English publication, dated 1907. This painting has a similar style and signature. The gold frame has chips on the corners but is intact. The backing is held with primitive style metal pegs. The backing feels like cardboard and has a wood grain printed on it. This is a lovely little painting and should have good value as the artist was a published artist.
Your bids are appreciated as all proceeds go to the Roanoke Rescue Mission to help provide food, shelter, recovery programs and medical care for those in great need.