ANTIQUE WATERLOO CARPENTERS METAL TOOL BOX BELONGED TO MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER BORN IN THE LATE 1800'S ~As the story goes, my great-grandfather, born in the late 1800's, who was originally from Canada, purchased this tool box when he first worked as a carpenter. At some point, he passed it onto my grandfather. My grandfather was born December 21, 1923 and passed away on April 1, 1997. When his wife, our grandmother, passed away a few years ago, the old tool box we'd heard about for so many years, was found tucked in the back of the garage.~ ~We divided the tools w/in the box, amoung the family, but no one had use for the antique tool box itself. It seems a shame to have it sitting around, unused, and underappreciated. Hopefully t's a collector out t who would truly enjoy this unique antique.~ ~Additional information on the backround of the previous owners of this toolbox will be provided to the winning bidder if requested.... I like to know the history of antiques that I own, and thought perhaps others would as well~ ~History of Waterloo Industries:

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