Offering a antique 8 day weight driven wall clock with a time only movement
The clock is 45 inches tall, with trim pieces, 19 inches wide and 7 and 1/2 inches deep
The clock movement has been cleaned and tested so is in good operating condition
The movement is unmarked except for a serial number
The 6 and 1/2 inch dial is porcelain and in generally good condition. There is an old repair near the 7 position and there are a few very thin hairlines in the areas of the 12 and 4. Also a ding in the outer brass trim ring of the dial at the 11 position
All three glass panels are good
The weight is likely original to the clock and has some dings, dents and other proofs of age
The wood case is in reasonable antique condition. There is a age split at the top of the front door, the leading edge of the bottom platform has dulled and the interior back panel has faded in the lower area above the beat scale,,almost looks like the sun attacked the pendulum bob and changed the color of the back wall at some point
The beat scale is porcelain
The key is a correct replacement winder
Have run this clock for several weeks and found it to be an accurate timekeeper
Great weight driven wall clock for a reasonable price!