Antique Western Electric Golden Oak Desk set box Vintage Telephone ringer 1912

Up for bid is an early 1900's Western Electric ringer box. There is no crank on the side of the ringer box and the wires attach to the top with the two screws. This ringer box is made of oak wood and finely dovetailed joints. There are two stickers on the inside of the box. One sticker is handwritten and says 0-19-12 It is ripped in half and inside the box) and the other sticker says PAT APP'D For In U.S.A. This could be one of the first made as they are applying for the pattent and there is no hand crank on the side but a guess on my part. I'm guessing this to be from a Western Electric because of the style and it looks like their was a sticker on it at one time. I am not sure if this works or not but it is in excellent condition.