An Antique Western Electric Three Slot Coin Payphone

T is no shortage of payphones on ebay. With the exception of just a few regular, reputable sellers who sell these on a consistent basis, most of the time, you get what you pay for. I have witnessed many phones sell for lots of money that are literally worthless and do not work at all. It always astounds me. I am sent an average of one per month to repair and get working from those ebay "deals". It ends up costing the same, sometimes more, than a completely refurbished one from me, or another reputable seller.

So, with that in mind...........Take a look at this!

is a Western Electric three slot payphone that is totally refurbished. All the parts have been cleaned, repainted after being bead blasted and any worn parts replaced with good ones. All the parts are original Western Electric. This one is all black with an older style western vault door. It dates to the 50's, and these payphones were commonly painted all black at that time. A new rubber curly cord extends to about 10 feet from the phone.

It also has the bakelite coin return pull bucket. Common then, not so much now. Very Nice!

The top sign was from a postcard that western electric sent out to customers. I re-sized it slightly and it fits well. It looks great and very vintage for this phone.

The middle frame explains it all. It works EXACTLY
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