Antique Western Electric Wall Telephone - PHONE WORKS!

Restored and updated Antique Western Electric Wall Telephone 350W in working order with modern key pad, receiver (the inside part), and plug. I bought the phone a couple that restores these beautiful phones. This is the nicest of these phones I've ever seen and it's great you can actually use it! The batteries were removed and replaced with a number pad. The cord is period correct and in excellent condition. Otherwise the phone is complete with all of it's original hardware with the possible exception of the nut and bolt that holds the microphone and a screw on either side that hold the number pad in place.
The bells have a beautiful ring when you get a call! The bells also ring when you turn the handle as they did back in the day. Note the receiver, hanger, and bells are nickel which I'm told was an upgraded material in those days. The cabinet is tiger stripe oak and in beautiful condition. There is a small crack in the lower right side you can see in the picture. The cabinet itself show normal wear and the bells have little nicks in them that you expect to see in a phone of this age. Please see the pictures and if you're unsure or want to see more, send me an email and I'll gladly send you more closeups.
If you've ever thought about buying one of these iconic phones, this is the one. Imagine it hanging prominently in your
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