Antique Western Electric Weston Milliammeter- Model 267

is an Outstanding Antique Electric Power Testing Kit and Portable Telegraph Communication Base from "WESTERN ELECTRIC", and the milliammeter is marked "WESTON ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CORPORATION". The milliammeter is marked Model 267, and as you can see from the diagram on the inside of the lid, this is named 35-C Test Set. Also, as you can see from my photos, it is in it's original CHERRY WOOD Case, nicely dovetailed at the corners and in Exceptional Structural Condition, brass hinges/corner pieces and all. The electronics also are in Excellent Structural Condition (e.g. all the switches, sliding pieces, etc.) however, I am by no means an electronics expert and I have no idea if this is in working order...FOR SAFETY SAKE, IT SHOULD BE INSPECTED BY A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN BEFORE CONNECTING TO ANY SORT OF ELECTRIC POWER !!! The dimensions of the box are 6.5" X 8.5" X 11".

Feel free to email me with any questions, input, or requests for additional photos; and rest assured, I stand firmly behind my 30-day return policy. Just return the item in the condition I shipped it within 30 days after receiving it, and I will provide a full refund including shipping costs each way.