Antique Whig's Defeat Quilt Cheddar Turkey Red Green

's a hand-quilted antique quilt in the Whig's Defeat pattern. This quilt comes from an Alabama estate and I do not know the history of the quilt--I was told that it is from the mid to late 1800s.
The quilt is in fair to poor condition with lost stitches, damage/wear to the pattern and stains along with slight odor. The quilt definitely needs to be cleaned but I do not know how to do this so it's offered as I found it.
The colors are Cheddar Yellow, Turkey Red, and Green with brownish/tan border. The border was quilted using green thread and one large corner of the border has lost it's stitching (pictured below).
Also, the green "plumes" in the pattern were stitched with green or brown/tan thread and the stitching has been lost from some of the plumes.
The quilt is approximately 100-1/2" long and 82" wide. One photos shows it on top of a queen-sized bed.
Cotton fabric with very thin cotton batting (some cotton seeds are visible when held to light). Backing might be linen or loosely woven cotton.
I know very little about quilts or textiles so I've included numerous photos that will hopefully describe the quilt better than I am able. However, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
If you have anyquestions or need additional information, please contact me. Buyer to pay $13.00 towards
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