Antique White Ironstone 13" Pedestal Cake Stand

This pedestal cake plate was likely manufactured at one of the Stoke-On-Trent , England earthenware potters, circa 1845-1870, but is unmarked. It is one of the larger sizes, measuring 13" in diameter across the top, is 5.5" tall, and features the ribbed pedestal with a ring, and a scalloped skirt. Overall, the glaze is clean, shiny and smooth. The piece has typical all-over crazing, and I have shown that up-close in one of the pictures. It does have faults, but no restoration, other than a peroxide bath, which I gave it.

are the visible faults: T is a "bite" out of one of the scallops - I have photographed it clearly - t are four pieces of the ironstone that can be restored and with proper restoration, it might not show at all - please look at the photos and ask questions. T is a very small stain on the top rim, and a tiny brown dot in the center of the top.

are the faults that do not show on typical viewing (when the piece is standing normally on its pedestal - not turned over): T is a very little bit of staining underneath. T are two shallow chips on the inside of two of the scallops - I have pictured them for you - one is quite clean and one is older and a bit discolored. Again, these are not visible upon normal viewing.

Please examine the photos, ask questions, and decide if you want this lovely piece
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