Up for auction is this ANTIQUE OLD SIGNED R. E. SMITH GRANDFATHER - TALL CLOCK WHITE PAINTED DIAL with BIRD OF PARADISE in as found condition. This dial is in need of a little restoration, look at the pictures. The time track, second bit, calandar bit, and town are all worn. Use as is or restore. Please note that this dial has been top coated by something. There a checks in the dial which appear tight, there is paint loss over the mounting post at the 11:00 position (last picture). Also note that this dial fits the movement being sold separately. there are no extra holes in the movement or false dial.

I can not stress how rare it is to see a BIRD OF PARADISE on the dial. This dial is very nicely done with great floral corners. The blistering to the right of the bird of paradise is an indication that the movement and dial were in a fire and survived. The dimensions are : height 17 7/8 inches X 13 inches ; time track 11 inches ; diameter second bit 3 inches ; diameter calendar bit 3 inches ; hands arbor to second bit 2 inches : hands arbor to calendar bit 2 inches ; hands arbor to winding arbor 1 5/8 inches : between winding arbors 3 1/4 inches.