Antique Wm Gilbert BLACKBIRD Mantle Mantel Clock Works!

This is an antique Wm L Gilbert Blackbird mantle clock. It has the date April 1896 stamped on the stem of the pendulum. The pendulum is brass. The clock is in working condition and I have had it running the past week and it keeps excellent time. It chimes on the hour and gives one chime for the half hour. It does come with the key. The lions on each end are also in excellent condition with one missing the brass ring. I have seen these available on line and Ebay. The clock face is brass with circles cut out for each number. The 4 and 8 do have some wear from where the key missed going into the hole and hit the number. The original paper label is attached to the bottom. The hinge for the glass protecting the face is in very good condition and is not broken or loose. There is also the number S67839 carved into the wood on the back. I am not sure what this number represents. Please email any questions. Buyer pays shipping.