Antique WMG Cigar Lighter Mini Oil Lamp, S2-196

White Milk Glass Cigar Lighter Lamp, S2-196

WMG Cigar Lighter Lamp, S2-195/196/203/204

About 2 1/2" to top of collar

About 6 3/4" to top of shade

About 3 1/4" in diameter at base

About 4 1/4" wide including finger handle

WMG Cigar Lighter Lamp


Manufacturer and date of manufacture unknown

Ratchet style burner with two concentric rings of dots on thumb wheel

Minor flea-bites on shade edges

Finger lamp fitted with burner, shade ring and globe to be used as a cigar lighter

Background & History: In her book "Miniature Lamps II", Ruth Smith shows several examples, in different colors of this basic lamp (see Figures 195, 196, 203 and 204). Smith shows several other lamps which, while they have different bases, have the same arrangement of burner, shade ring and globe type shade as this lamp. All of the lamps with this burner and shade arrangement were, it is believed, used as cigar lighters. Perhaps the most direct and best evidence for this intended use comes from an 1892 wholesaler's catalog (Pitkin & Brooks, reproduced by David Broughton in his "Four Victorian Kerosene Lighting Catalogs, Volume 3) w this style of globe is shown along with a variety of fancy cigar lighters, labeled "Round Cigar Globes" and offered
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