Antique Wood Carving Tools 22 Addis 5 Taylor Plus bonus

Hi,Up for sale today is this group of carving tools.There are 22 addis and 5 taylor,the bonus is there are 5 I am not including in my count for the sale they are free!!They have quite a bit of pitting and maybe you experts can clean them up and make something out of them.Some of the other tools have some pitting,in my opinion not as serious.I am by no means an expert for carving tools.Some of the handles are a little loose,I am thinking not a big deal to tighten them up.Certainly can use some sharpening and tuning up.The five in the first picture on the left are the throw ins.I did show you a picture of the five bad tips.Tools run anywhere from approx. 7" to 10".Any questions feel Free!! Thanks for looking!!