antique wood cook stove, Sears, Roebuck and Co.

This is a antique wood stove. It was made by the Sears, Roebuck and Co.. It is a Simpsons- Sears limited- Canada. The model number is10. It is 32" high x 34" wide X 22" deep. It takes a seven inch stove pipe. The pipe that attaches to the stove and a couple of feet are included with it. The stove has six lids on top for cooking. It has a thermometer built into the oven door. It is porcilin coated. T is some surface rust (see pics). T is a crack (warp) in the fire box. The people that I got this from said that they used it for years like that. Restore it or use it as is to cook in your camp or hunting cabin. I was told that t is a place w you can get replacement or used parts for these (for the panel that is cracked) but I have not had time to look. The stove does have some scratches and scrapes. The tools used for lifting the lids are included. The tool that is with it for shakin' the grates does not fit properly, this maybe from another stove. This is for pick up only it is to heavy for me to ship. It is located in Shartlesville, PA 19554 (exit #23 of I-78). I do not play the reserve game, I start my listings at the lowest price that I will accept for an item. If it is bid on it goes.Thanks and good luck.

I have lowered the starting bid on this stove. This is the second and last time I will be listing it. I would like to see

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