Antique Wood Cranberry Box Crate Cape Cod New England

I am putting up for sale these Antique Wooden Cranberry Boxes . These boxes are from Rochester, Massachusetts. Their purpose was to hold a 1/4 of a barrel (25 pounds) of freshly picked cranberries during harvest season (September & October) back in the day. Most but not all of them have slats cut into the sides & or bottom. This was for the purpose of ventilation after the box was filled with cranberries so that they would keep better during storage time before going to market. These boxes were made between 1900 to 1930.

They measure about 16 3/4" long x 11" wide x 10" tall. We have several hundred of these boxes and all of them are in good condition and very solid but weathered from age. All are similar in size, type & condition. Pictured above in #1- #8 are 2 differant boxes to show that they are all similar.

* I can combine shipping on more than one purchase. I can ship indivisually or up to 3 boxes in one package. Beyond that the container is too large and the post office & / or UPS goes by dimensional weight so the costs are outrageous. So say if you ordered 15 boxes -I would ship 3 boxes in 1 package and send out 5 differant packages. This way is less expensive than 1 big oversized box.

I have priced these cranberry boxes slightly higher than the other cranberry boxes that I have listed
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