Antique WOOD "STAR" EGG CARRIER & TRAY Patent 1903

Up for auction is a "Star" Egg Wood Carrier - Crate. It's in Excellent Condition for it's age!!

The "Star" Egg Carrier is in Excellent shape for 100 years old !! Patents on this are shown as Mar.10, '03 Can. Dec. 19, '05 & Eng. Apr. 14, '06. The patent on this carrier is April 21, 1908 . The measurements on this carrier are, 8 1/4" long, 6 3/8" wide, & 2 3/4" tall. These were removed from the warehouse of a family members store when it was closed in the late 60's & have been boxed for years. T are no cracks, or holes, but as you can see in the scan, t is rough edges on the inside top in the first photo, possibly from stacking. The cardboard tray has wear on some of the edges but is in pretty good shape. It has the "Finger Lock" or "Finger Jointed" construction and is as sturdy as the day it was made. It hold's 1 dozen eggs, from small to extra large. They also look great with wood or ceramic decorated eggs as well. The metal slider moves smoothly and was used in multiple stacking of carriers.

The first photo shows the manufacturing company of John G. Elbs and patent dates as stated in the above paragraph.

The second photo shows the STAR Trade Mark & patent date.

The third photo shows the Patent Lettering No.722,512 was granted on March10th, 1903. And states "Other patents pending.
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