Wonderful old weather house Hansel and Gretel with the witch, inside back is a paper with awesome graphics of fireplace, clock, black cats, witch on broom, tried to photograph but could not get my camera to see the inside for you. Hansel and Gretel, the deer head, and the bird are not plastic but rather a clay or gutta-percha, this is a very old nice house, the paper tag on the back is about half t, and says Swiss Weather Prophet on it. also the floor has graphics for the barometer, the thermometer glass part is partially missing, and 4 tiny wood shutters are missing. I used to collect weather houses, but find as a single mom i have to sell them, I kept this for last as it is the most unusual i had, and the oldest, the deer head is in perfect condition, both antlers present, the wood used for the front and sides is very nicely grained and adds a look of authenticity to the house. still in working condition with LOADS of character. |