Antique Wooden Dice Hand carved Old Pair RARE Artifact

Old Pair Wooden Dice

19th Century or Earlier


Description: From our collection of French curiosities, we offer this old pair of wooden dice found at market. We searched for a long time for these old and sturdy wooden dice. exact age is difficult to determine, however to note we bought these together with a group of very old French objects d'art. As collectors of primarily 18th century decorative arts, we find these to be cultural reminders of the age when gambling was fashionable (not that we advocate the modern practice, but some of you might use these for a game of chance) Collectors will note that such old pairs are a rare find likely to not come around again. Low opening bid. see our other items which include antiques from this period.

History: Dice often appear in still life paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries, although their origin is likley more ancient. Their symbolism realted to chance and sometimes immorality . During the 18th century, one finds etui cases fitted with personal dice for gambling at fashionable casinos (at times those within a private house). Gambling for many years was an aristocratic affair . One such fan was Marie Antoinette .

Condition & Size: Excellent with wear and patina kindred to age. See hand for scale.

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