Antique Wooden Vintage Bass Drum Pedal — RARE!!!

Antique Vintage Wooden Bass Drum Pedal

� It's not a early K. Zildjian Constantinople ride, or a Radio
King or engraved 1923 Ludwig Black Beauty brass snare,
but here's something that doesn't come up everyday: A
very early bass drum pedal with wood footboard and �
construction, in working, fully operable� condition. This �
appears to be the same unknown maker as the pedal on the
Vintage Drum Guide website /pedal_21.html , �
but is either an earlier model or a prototype, as this one �
does not have the "patent applied for" stamp on the roller �
or have a threaded thumbscrew on the back of the beater �
head for a cymbal striker accessory. This one in the �
auction also still has part of the original rubber pad �
covering the footboard.

� The pedal is fully operational, but probably could use a �
good cleanup and possibly the replacement of the rubber �
footpad covering (as in the model on the Vintage Drum Guide)
but given the historical significance and rarity of this piece,
I'll leave that up to you.

� The pedal was discovered in the San Francisco area. There are also �
photos of a later, similar version of this — but as a double kick pedal on
the Hidehitters /pedals/frisco.html
website, which is identified as made by the

An inventor named August Mortensen filed a patent in 1924 �
� (US patent # 1,570,127) for what appears to be an IMPROVED �
version of this pedal, with a longer spring for adjusting pedal �
tension and a few other changes and assigned it to Frisco drums.

However, the model in this auction probably � pre-dates the Frisco
Company, possibly as an M.J. Kochman � or Truplex drum product,
which became Frisco Drums in 1923.

� Don't miss out on adding this exceedingly rare, important historical�
artifact� from the early days of drumming to your collection.

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