Antique Woodstove: Classic Black Scandia 310c

I'm selling a charming Scandia310c, cast iron, non-catalytic, wood-burning stove to the highest bidder. NO RESERVE. We have burned this stove in the living room of our mountain home to help reduce the escalating propane fuel costs. We purchased this stove used nine years ago; it could use a fresh coat of stove polish. Inexpensive 8" single wall stovepipe can be shaped to snugly fit the cast iron oval flange. This stove is tight and works great heating our 1500 sq. ft. of living space. The maximum log length is about 18âeand is fed through the two front doors. The intensity and burn-time of the fire is controlled by the two sliding adjustable air ducts on the front of the stove (just below the doors). I am also including the wrench used to open/close the doors and damper. A neat feature of this stove: when opening the doors, you must first unlock the flange a quarter turn (above the right door) which opens the damper . The stove measures approximately 28âe tall, 22âe wide, and 16âe deep, weighs approximately 250 pounds, and requires an 8âe flue. The fire bricks in the bed of the interior, the fiberglass gaskets, and glass in the doors, were replaced a few years ago. This stove does NOT have a built-in ash pan for clean-out, nor do I have any operating manuals. The winning bidder must arrange with me for a local pick up day/time

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