Antique Wrigley's Gum 1c Trade Stimulator Arcade Game

For your consideration an antique coin operated trade stimulator. Fresh from a local estate. The trade stimulator is in good condition. Its case is made of solid oak. The front door is hinged. The glass in the door is good. The interior parts look to be complete and in good condition but I am not sure. The people I got this from said that it had worked. I could not figure out how to get it to work. The keys are missing. The door is unlocked but the cash box door on the bottom is locked. The tag above the coin slot says PENNIES ONLY The machine advertises WIN A WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT CHEWING GUM CHEW The machine operates by flipping a ball up into the circular track by pressing the lever on the bottom right. If the balls land in the right slots the operator will pay accordingly. A pack of gum can be vended for each play by turning the knob on the bottom left. I am not sure who made this machine. It measures 31 3/4" in height by 19 1/2" in width by 6 1/2" in depth. It is very heavy and weighs about 45 pounds. I have never seen a machine like this before and it is pretty neat and unusual. It can be wall mounted or will sit level on a table. An excellent addition to any vintage coin op or antique collection or if you just want to own a really neat old trade stimulator. I am selling this item with no reserve. If you have any questions or ... read more