ITEM: Antique WWII era Japanese good-luck charm set for a soldier. This is the best set I have ever seen. It is mint. And even comes with a Imperial marked cigarette from the Emperor (when smoking, kikumon mark must face up always). The cigarettes were given personally and distributed to shrines and etc. They were not sold in stores. The front of the case hase an Imperial Japanese Army star and reads BUUN CHOKYU (I pray for your lasting military fortune). The charm case measures nearly 3-5/8 x 2 inches. T is also the string to wear this around the next too. This charm case also has a couple items in it, oval charm and cigarette. The front of oval charm shows two gods of the Seven Lucky Gods ( /wiki/Seven_Lucky_Gods ), measures about 2 inches from top to bottom. This oval charm from Shinto Kintomi Shirine. The cigarette is from Shinto Usa jingu. This shows KIKKA MONSHO, the crest of Japanese Imperial House. Measures approx. 3.25 inches in length. Own a very important piece of Imperial Japanese military related history. See my other auctions for various Japanese antiques and WWII era Japanese militaria. Most items are from my own collection I am selling off to fund a project we are doing now. See our other auctions, many collectors, antique shops, movie prop houses and auction-related companies from all over the world source us

Condition: Excellent set.

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