ITEM: This is a very nice antique WWII Imperial Japanese Army soldier's silk yosegaki battle flag. This belonged to a soldier named Imai Hideharu-san. We're also auctioning his tunic and banner today. See our other auctions. The large writing on the right reads JINCHUUHOUGOKU (Bravery for Country), and next to that on the left reads KIGEN 2600 NEN MOUKA (Middle of Summer, 1940). All the signitures are from wellwishers. In 1940s things were going really well for Japan, I'm sure everyone had high hopes for Hideharu-san. It measures 34 inches x 28.25 inches. Own a very nice piece of Imperial Japanese military history. See our other auctions, many collectors, antique shops, movie prop houses and auction-related companies from all over the world source us for unique Japanese antiques. Winning bidders from Italy, Africa, eastern Europe and Asia must pay extra for EMS delivery. No exceptions. CONDITION: Extremely nice, no damage at all.
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