Antique Young & Sons Surveying Transit from Corolla, NC

William Young & Sons Transit: The serial # found on the compass face on this transit is 9962 thus dating it from approximately 1917. This transit came originally from the Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC and is believed to have been used in surveying that region in the early 1920's. It is marked Young & Sons, Inc. Philadelphia under the glass on the compass face. William Young is credited with being the first maker of transits in America which he introduced in about 1832. The form of this transit is the same as was used on his catalog cover and literature for close to 100 years before K & E bought out the company in 1918. It also comes with the original stiff-legged tripod, case, and extra lense. Overall the condition is very nice, and it has clear optics. The brass body has mellowed to a nice rich dark patina that looks fine. All motions are free and it seems to be fully operational.

Brief History of William J. Young

William J. Young (1800-1870) was raised in Philadelphia and, at age 13, apprenticed to Thomas Whitney to learn "The Trade or Mystery of a Mathematical Instrument Maker." Seven years later, having earned his freedom and with $30 in his pocket, Young went into business on his own. Within a few years, his was the leading mathematical instrument shop in the United States. he introduced improved
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