Antminer S3 - Climate Controlled + Never Overclocked!

Always been in A/C with extra CPU fans, house fans, and you're some ol' fashioned Goodwill desk fans (especially in the summer, incredibly cheap way to cool for better mining and you don't sweat to death).� I also took the metal covers off while mining to reduce heat but will put the shell back on to protect it during shipping and they’ve been plugged in with high efficiency server PSUs.� It has never been overclocked (even though if you know what you're doing should never be a problem unless it's an internal malfunction).� If, for any reason, you are having any problems as well, do not hesitate to contact me.� I can give you my number after the auction.� I have plenty of these little guys and only about 10% ever had an issue where for some reason, they no longer detected the ethernet connection the router.� All it took to bring them back was a JTAG to USB that costs 7$ at MicroCenter, and they've been running the same ever since.� � Besides this and maybe Spondoolies machines, they have never given me spite or any grief at all and after stripping and testing every legitimate piece of hardware available now, you can't put a price on convenience (and up-time :-) ).� Right now, look at this, and any SPs you can find.� You'll thank me later.� Anyways, thought I would provide as much information as possible because I have come across

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