Anton Wingen Jr Solingen Germany ROSTFREI steak knives

we have a beautiful set of six steak knives. They have never been used and still have their paper sheaths and stored in the original presentation box.
The knives were made by Anton Wingen, Jr. Solingen Germany ROSTFREI which appears on each knife blade. The blades each have a scene of deer, birds, and leaves depicted on each blade in shades of gold and green. (I found it impossible to take a good picture of this as the blades are very shiny.) The blades are serrated. The other side of the blade has no picture.
The handles are made of antlers or bones. Each knife measures about 8 1/2" long.
The presentation box appears to be made of wood covered in paper. The cover is white with a gold scatter pattern. T is a quarter sized piece of this missing on the top w possibly a price tag had been and ripped the paper when removed. The box is in good condition for it's age but is not perfect. It is lined with red fabric. The box measures about 9 3/4" x 8" x1 1/2".
These are a lovely example of Wingen's work. Lovely to look at and a pleasure to hold. These will become a family heirloom.