ANTONIO DOJER "SCREEN CULTURE 3" 27x37" ABSTRACT Oil Painting Retail $1100

Antonio Dojer


Original Oil

Painting on paper

Measures Approx: "27 x 37" (no border)


Antonio Dojer! "Screen Culture" ORIGINAL Painting (27" x 37"), Hand Signed by the Artist!

Gallery Retail: $1,100

Antonio Dojer is known for his bold lines and shapes paired with a dynamic use of color. "Screen Culture3" is an original painting on paper, hand signed by Dojer! Measures approx. 27" x 37" (no border).

The abstract art of Antonio Dojer is a reflection of the economically tumultuous and culturally explosive 1970s Cuba of his youth. What he remembers most of that time is that his countrymen somehow managed to maintain faith in spite of their adversity. Dojer observed a powerful resilience within the human soul that drives people to rise above their constraints. With the collapse of Communism, Cuba's challenges increased as health care and food became more difficult to secure. These difficulties only served to sharpen Dojer's skills and enhance his sensitivity. As the quality of life in Havana diminished, Dojer increasingly focused his energy in two creative directions: drawing and dance. These forms of expression proved to be a natural outlet for the emotional trials of his environment. Dojer pursued his art through high school, ultimately
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