Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat anno 1721

Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis

Faciebat anno 1721

(Geez that's Old!)

The label inside reads the above, but also has the number 1083 written on the bottom of the name tag inside. It also says "Made in Czechoslovakia."

This auction includes the case, the 4 old strings, 4 New strings, the bow, all the string tightening hardware for both ends, the bridge, and the chin rest.

This Antique Violin has its share of scratches, but it Is amazing how well this has held up considering it's age. T are no cracks I can find anyw, just some marks w the string bridge thing went I believe. Personally I would say it still has a good solid feeling to it. It doesn't look like it has ever been broken, glued, or repaired. But understand, Its NOT new!

Think of this as a restoration project that you have a sort of head start on!


I AM NOT A MUSICIAN BY ANY MEANS!....I couldn't play this thing to save my life. I know nothing technical about this item, I am only describing what I can see for myself. So if you have any questions, Please, feel free to ask, Just remember what I just said, and be very specific with what you are asking, and avoid using fancy names for the parts!!


I can also say that I don't think that this would take too much work to
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