Antoria Stratocaster Olympic White Excellent Condition 1977Vintage MIJ Stunning!

I'm trying to trim my collection and have got to some of those guitars I really never thought I'd sell. However, following a couple of recent acquisitions some of my guitars are just not getting played enough to warrant keeping them.

This is very similar to my first guitar I bought in the 70s. A FujiGen Gakki made strat that was imported by J T Coppock Ltd. into the UK.

This one was made in February 1977. Serial number B772567.

What can I say about this stunning guitar. Features Excel pickups (these were used on higher end Ibanez guitars in the 70s - I've seen rumours on the web that these Antorias were effectively Ibanez by another name.

Beautiful Olympic White body which has aged perfectly to a lovely cream. The condition is excellent with just a few small marks (by far the worst of which can be seen in the photos on the upper edge of the back. Minimal fretwear, I think before I bought this a few years back it had spent it's time in a case under someones bed.

It is totally original, hardware still shiny with very few signs of tarnish. Still has the ashtray trem cover.

Beautiful maple nect, straght and true with large 70s headstock and original tuners. Truss rod is at the bottom end of the next. Very solid body. Electics all fully functional.

Plays like a dream. You can see why guitars
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